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We are coming by Dman(m) : 10:29 am

Wait and see

What about the assignment sir?   Crazy Definitions You Never Knew   When i was young...  

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 4:15 pm

A day will come when heaven gate will open and the cloud will change,some idiot will think it's weather for to knowing it's rapture day

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 6:28 am

When you tell your boyfriend "i love You" at the end of the phone call and he replies "me too" please don't end the call until you have made him to say "i love you "for safety purpose

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 6:33 am

Poor men love big breast,the rich prefer them small or moderate~study reveals.I know they will still argue this one #mtcheew

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 6:41 am

Wetin concern me with dat...facebook i beg stop showing me "people you may know",all these ones i know what have they done for me!?...wicked people every where

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 12:37 pm

My mother disrespect my girlfriend so i slap her to satisfy my girlfriend

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 1:35 pm

The best word to use whenever your wife is misbehaving is...*remember where you are coming from*at that spot she will keep calm#wisdom

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 4:45 pm

If your girlfriend is not making you angry she is fake,real girlfriend acts like evil spirit

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 4:56 pm

Plumber wey them carry come repair kitchen sink don warm jollof rice say he get vicer.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 4:59 pm

Wow...my urine shining yellow in colour,i think mtn has finally recognise me as their active costomer.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 5:37 pm

I haven't been wy self since i had my neigboor's son saying;capital letter 1 and small letter 1 capital letter 2 and small letter2,school fees wasted.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 5:45 pm

Chai,ATMqueqe wahala...yesterday afternoon at first bank ATM,a girl walked up to me and said"please i'm in front of your back"out of annoyance i replied"come and stay in the centre of my front.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 5:52 pm

Please if you inbox me i've not replied you,don't get mad at me, i inboxed dangote since 4 years with no reply have i died?

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 5:57 pm

If you break up with me and latter finds out you are pregnant you and the unborn are my ex

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 12:28 pm

Those of you who eat diner by 6p.m and stay comfortable until day break,please tell me how do you do it.the day i tried that,i almost fainted.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 12:30 pm

Dark humor is like food in nigeria.not everybody get it.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 12:32 pm

How do you solve world hunger and porverty simultaneously?by feeding the poor to the hungry.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 12:39 pm

I feel bad for kid i third-world countries.they must go through puberty and their mid-life crisis at the same time.

Re: We are coming by Dman(m) : 5:18 pm

I thought it was only amoney that can change people until i went to a wedding yesterday,and ordinary jollof made someone act as if he did not know me.




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