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How To Use the Forum/ Re: Show your Interest If you want to be A Moderator on This Forum by Bendo(m) : 6:42 am On Jan 18

LoverBoy: I am very much interested. As a political science std, I can proficiently moderate the politics section. Pls how do I get started? It's really my pleasure to contribute to this communiy. Will send u inbox.


How To Use the Forum/ Re: How To Get Your Post To The Front Page by Bendo(m) : 2:20 am On Jan 19


Sports/ Re: Arsenal vs Liverpool 0-2 full time by Bendo(m) : 6:57 pm On Jan 22

Armanbauer: undecided

Which club cannot defeat Arsenal?

Evarton can't

Forex/ Re: 10 strongest currencies in Africa by Bendo(m) : 7:05 pm On Jan 22

[quote=planetE]1. Tunisian Dinar
Currency Name: Dinar
Code: TND
Current Exchange Rate: $1 = 2.88 د.ت

Tunisia has the highest currency in Africa with the Dinars. This country is also an Arabic country located in Northern Africa, and it is home to one of the unique currencies that attract foreign investors for the business.

The Tunisian Dinar is pegged to the Euro as it uses this currency along with Algeria’s Dinar to form a common currency. This reason is its stability as it has strong support from another country.

Tunisian Dinar is also a strong African currency because the country has efficient import and export policies. When the country’s economy is brought down, its people are not affected by a sound fiscal and monetary policy.

The currency has an ISO code “TND” and 1 TND = 0.36 USD, which translates to 1$ = 2.88 TND as of January 2022.

Buhari have you seen it?

Religion/ Re: What Is Your Reaction When Jehova Witnesses Knock On Your Door? by Bendo(m) : 7:25 pm On Jan 22

PrettyPrisi: If I have time, I welcome them but not to the point of having a conversation since I am not that interested. However, I always collect their awake cos i find it really educating and informative.

How To Use the Forum/ Re: I think Guys on this Forum are Shy by Bendo(m) : 7:32 pm On Jan 22

Emlr: Hmmm.... coolsomeone shockedhas finally broken the silence. ..glad grin

Fun/ Re: Dis one hard o by Bendo(m) : 9:23 pm On Jan 22

the little boy

Family/ Re: 5 Things You Must Never Do To Your Child As A Parent! by Bendo(m) : 9:31 pm On Jan 22

That's A Word For All

Sports/ Re: Which country is going to win the ongoing African cup of Nation ? by Bendo(m) : 9:42 pm On Jan 22


I see how much you love your country.
Anyway… it's just a game.
But I still wish Nigeria wins it.

We Are Winning Bro

Sports/ Re: Which country is going to win the ongoing African cup of Nation ? by Bendo(m) : 9:44 pm On Jan 22

Nigeria Will Bring The Trophy Home.
I'm Sure

Sports/ Re: AFCON 2021 Knockout Phase full draw by Bendo(m) : 9:49 pm On Jan 22

Armanbauer: undecided

Why does Nigeria have to be playing against Tunisia again this time… which kind wahala be this?

The Officials Are Sacred Of Super Eagle Of Nigeria

Dating, Hookup and Serious relationship/ Re: drop your birthdates,lets see birth day mates. by Bendo(m) : 10:02 pm On Jan 22

Mine Is 28 April

Fun/ Re: What's the first word you see ( picture ) by Bendo(m) : 10:08 pm On Jan 22

"FOLLOW" the Last Line

Jokes/ Re: Mummy GO Memes Thread by Bendo(m) : 10:24 pm On Jan 22

funny woman

Sports/ Re: Qatar 2022 fifa world cup play off ( Nigeria vs Ghana ) by Bendo(m) : 6:11 am On Jan 23

Until Then

Sports/ Re: Manchester united vs westham 1-0 full time by Bendo(m) : 6:14 am On Jan 23

Now That We Top Fourth we Are Happy

Sports/ Re: AFCON 2021 Knockout Phase full draw by Bendo(m) : 6:24 am On Jan 23

Ruuchiinaa: Will the Match still hold? Learnt that the Head Coach and 12 players of Tunisia are down with COVID-19.

Another Problem

Religion/ Re: Which Religion Is The Most Violent? by Bendo(m) : 9:24 pm On Jan 23

Sisterfire: ...Y must it be avoided ? Bcos it exposes what religion truely is right?
Bcos it exposes how religion divides humanity and made us kill each other for winged humanoids who founded different religion.
Is only a f00l that hates the past event and how can a wise human forecast future without going to the past ...Truely wisemen knew that as elliptically round as earth so is many happening in it , what happened before will happen again.

In a scale of 200 ,Christianity( religion of nîy the Jehovah from 3billion years ago ) has killed 124 till date while Islam is killing to it's 60 and the remaining 16 belongs to many cannibals , barbarians , voodoo and savages religion from time... Holy holy is the king of peace that create the universe ( lies ) this rant has been shouted 3.1billion years before Adam was created just yesterday.

Una too Much oo,
This Can Not Help Us In This Forum

Religion/ Re: Please what will happen to peaceful Buddhists when they die? by Bendo(m) : 9:29 pm On Jan 23



news/ Re: Regina King’s only son Ian dead at 26 by Bendo(m) : 1:46 am On Jan 24

It's A Pity

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