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Romance/ Re: A Girl I Mistakenly Got Pregnant Say I Must Marry Her or I Will Run Mad... by Mariam92(f) : 5:25 pm On Feb 10

shockedHe should marry her to avoid running mad, then after some months he can divorce and quit. grin grin

Romance/ Re: Use This Thread To State What You Need in Ghana(e.g Job, Lover etc) by Mariam92(f) : 1:36 am On May 01

Mariam from Accra....I love people that share information...If you want to be my friend on this forum, then you have to be sharing things that are interesting...I also share news and celebrity gist on the forum...I believe the world becomes a better place when Ghanaians share information with one another....

Celebrities/ OMG: See What Deborah Vanessa Wore For Reggie N Bollie’s Video Shoot by Mariam92(f) : 1:40 am On May 01

She’s crazy and carefree. She doesn’t mind what people say, she’ll do what she wants to do provided it makes her comfortable and happy.
Her name is Deborah Vanessa and this is what she wore for Reggie N Bollies music video shoot in Ghana.

Celebrities/ My Janesis Album Is The Best Female Album Ever In Ghana (Photos) by Mariam92(f) : 1:44 am On May 01

Award-winning songstress Efya has said her ‘Janesis’ album is the best to have ever come from a Ghanaian female musician in the last decade.
“We believe this is the best album ever to be produced by any female artiste in Ghana and one of the leading pieces of work from any African female act in the last five to ten years,” she told NEWS-ONE.
Efya waited several years to release her debut album after releasing singles upon singles that won awards and endeared her to numerous music fans across the continent.
Janesis has interesting songs such as Forgetting Me, Heart Beat, Can I, I Try, Hele Mi, Make I Love, Once Upon A Time and others.
Many believe no female artiste in Ghana can match Efya in terms of fan base, influence, hit records, performance style, vocal ability, style, popularity, accolades and international recognition.
But she said, “I believe there are many great female acts in Ghana, but of course I have put in the right amount of work over the years to achieve what I have and there’s nothing more I love than making my many fans happy every time I step on stage or release a new hit song and everyone falls in love with it.”
She, however, disagreed with critics who said her album delayed. “The album didn’t delay….I wanted to produce the perfect body of work—one that truly represents the style, talent and versatility of the Efya kind of music. I wouldn’t release anything less than the best for the fans. Thankfully, this time I feel like we have an amazing album that all Efya fans from Ghana to Naija to Kenya, SA and everywhere else in the world would love,” she said.
“The album is inspired by my daily life encounters, my love for the amazing fans, and most of all by Love,” she added.
‘Janesis’ was officially out on April 22, 2016 after a launching event on Thursday, April 21 at the Plot 7 Lounge in Nyaniba, opposite Nyaniba Park.
Credit: Ghanareporter

How To Use the Forum/ How To Use UpGhana Forum (Ask questions, Network and Make Friends) by Mariam92(f) : 3:44 pm On May 01

Yoo...I noticed that we are having some new members in the house and I felt like sharing this with everyone...How you can make the best use of this great forum.

This forum gives every Ghanaian POWER and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Power to reach out to thousands of other Ghanaians...so you can imagine you have the chance to use a Tv3 for free...to reach out to thousands of Ghanaian.. I will break the sections down and what I use each one of them for.

Jobs/Vacancies: This is where we inform ourselves about the latest job vacancies going on in different part of Ghana. If you are also looking for who to employ, you can put it up in this section and people interested can contact you.

Education: Good Education is the bedrock of any successful nation. This is why we have this section, where Ghanaians come and talk about issues bordering our education. From the primary level to JHS, to SHS and Universities. We also talk about things happening on our campuses.

Politics: Ghanaians politics is one of the purest and most peaceful in Africa and 2016 is election year . In this section, we talk about trending issues in Ghanaian politics, democracy including what our politicians are doing with tax payers' money.

This section is all about entertainment in Ghana.

National Service: This is where we talk and share information about national service to help our friends going for it

Forex: For the forex and trade gurus in Ghana, this is where you should meet and talk

Leaks: This is a special section and my favourite. This is where I get to see Leaks and strange things that happen across Ghana. Please if you see something happening in your area you can leak it here for the rest of Ghana to see it

Career: Here we talk about different careers and professions in Ghana. This section is particularly useful for upcoming ones who can ask questions around career prospects as well as network with people who are established in those professions.

here we share and discuss crime stories happening in different part of Ghana

Love and Relationship: This is another favourite section of mine. This section has produced so many marriages. This is where single come and mingle. You share relationship stories and issues and fellow ghanaians respond to them.

Cars Talk: Here we discuss and ask questions about car problems, recommendations and car parts

Health: At this section we ask health related questions and get responses from other Ghanaians who are knowledgable in health sector

Pets: Discussion about our pet...their issues and buying and selling of pet

Religion: This section is dedicated to our religious life. Christian and Muslim religious stories that can help uplift the soul of Ghanians

Properties: Buying , Selling, Leasing, Renting of properties happening in Ghana. If you have any property or you are looking for a place to rent, you can join dicussions in this section to meet people of liked minds

Business: Everything that has to do with buy and sell.

Scholarships: Here we ask questions about scholarship opportunities for Ghanaians.

Aptitude Test: Here we share aptitude question and answer in preparation for Interviews

Interviews: We use this thread to update ourselves about Job interviews going on across Ghana

IT Placement: You can use this thread to ask question about industrial attachment trainings

Celebrities: Here we talk about the celebrities in Ghana

Programming: here we meet top coders and programmer in Accra. We can meet people that will teach your programming

Computer: Here you ask questions about computer , and its accessories.

Laptop/Phone Swap: Phone swap is a common thing in Ghana, so if you have something (Laptop and phone) that you want to swap then this section is for you.

Web Design: Here we meet new people and can ask questions about anything , any language that you want know

Technology market: here you can come and sell your technology stuffs and make some money

Celebrities/ HOT SHOT: Actress Yvonne Okoro on the ROCK! by Mariam92(f) : 4:59 pm On May 03

Actress Yvonne Okoro is looking fabulous in her new braids—and she knows this, so she posted the above photo highlighting her braids with a message to her fans.

Yvonne Okoro is just like Jackie Appiah; they both suffer from weight fluctuation—but in this photo, she is at her best.

Her contours are well defined and her make-up is also on point. The tummy has also disappeared so well.

That’s a beautiful woman in a fab shot—-we love it.

Leaks/ Ghana Musician is Having a S*xual Affair with a big telecom lady by Mariam92(f) : 5:10 pm On May 03

If you’ve ever wondered how a certain top Ghanaian musician has been scoring great deals and partnerships with one of the giant telecommunication companies in Ghana—then gossip reaching us indicates that, it’s not all by musical merit or proper industry placement but the might of s*xual trespassing has been the defining factor.

The musician who has received certain strange sponsorship deals from this telecommunication company and seems to be at perpetual war with the media is said to be seriously chopping down a top ranking female officer at the telecom company.

In fact, it seems for the first time we are late on this one—because our source says, the chopping down and illicit affair between the two have been on-going for quiet sometime now.

The musician is an award winning young man, with strong heavy punch lines and has the letters ‘A’ and ‘E’ in his name.

This musician loves to swank—but then again, who among our musicians does not do this?

Interestingly, while the female top officer at the telecommunication company is said to be married—the musician also has a serious known girlfriend who was recently in the news. This is what has made the s*xual affair a subject of interest, perhaps, the coverted operation that it is…

It’s pretty sad that both persons are knocking boots to the expense of their powerless partners—-they are those at the top, so it seems they can f**k whoever and even if their partners get to know, they would still hang around because of money power.

It’s been a SUCCESS for the two of them so far—-one dishing out the bedroom strength and the other signing the endorsement and sponsorship deals at ease.

Apparently, DJ and his girlfriend are even aware of the on-going illegitimate f**kery….

I have left out certain names to protect our most reliable sources. However, I have made this clear to the extent that, you will only have to think a little to be able to fetch out those involved in this yourself. This is why it is called Open Gossip…I give you the clues; you do the thinking and share what you know/have heard or what you have been able to put together yourself.

Leaks/ Be Careful Of What You Do In The Bathroom by Mariam92(f) : 5:21 pm On May 03

Just saw this on facebook. Please be mindful on how you sit on d water system tub ( for those that do that). Help spread the news to everyone, very risky sitting on d tub.

Leaks/ Effutu MP urges his people to embrace peace by Mariam92(f) : 4:55 am On May 01

Leaks/ Mercy Johnson Okojie Stunning in Blue Jumpsuit by Mariam92(f) : 4:55 am On May 01

Leaks/ 41 Year Old Rita Dominic – I’ll Marry When I Want To And Not When Society Wants Me To by Mariam92(f) : 4:55 am On May 01

Leaks/ RNS! Checkout this flashy cars in Sulley Muntari's 4fkmotorsports garage in Italy (photos ) by Mariam92(f) : 4:55 am On May 01

Sulley Muntari is the CEO and owner of 4fkmotorsport which is a car garage that deal with bodywork, Renting, Wrapping and selling of expensive luxurious sport cars and maintenance in Italy.

Below is a photo of some o

Leaks/ Juliet Ibrahim reveals On Why She Had s*x At The Beach... by Mariam92(f) : 4:55 am On May 01

Leaks/ Maheeda - 'I'm addicted to Nudity'... by Mariam92(f) : 4:55 am On May 01

Leaks/ Eniola Ake: 6 Mistakes Single People Make When Dating by Mariam92(f) : 5:41 am On May 01

The single phase is actually the most important, especially if you plan to get married and have a family. Sometimes, mistakes are made at this stage but it

Leaks/ HORRIBLE ! Man Stabs His Own Flatmate’s Wife To Death In Delta by Mariam92(f) : 5:41 am On May 01

source: http://ift.tt/2qiKrIS

Leaks/ Jose Mourinho Wants Chelsea Star Kurt Zouma At Old Trafford by Mariam92(f) : 5:41 am On May 01

source: http://ift.tt/2pvgId6

Leaks/ Watch: YOLO Season 3 - Episode 2 by Mariam92(f) : 5:21 am On May 05

Watch YOLO Season 4 - Episode 2

Leaks/ VIDEO: Watch all the goals as Hearts of Oak beat Asante Kotoko 3-1 in anniversary match by Mariam92(f) : 5:22 am On May 05

Watch all the goals in Hearts of Oak's 3-1 win over Asante Kotoko in the Ghana @60 anniversary match played in Accra on Monday.

The Phobians took the lead through Kwame Kizito who robbed goalkeeper Felix Annan off the ball and planted home in the 66th minute.

Two minutes later, Kotoko drew level courtesy Awal Mohammed who headed in a free-kick.

Eight minutes from time, captain Thomas Abbey restored Hearts lead by smashing from from the box.

Then on the 90th minute mark, man-of-the-match Patrick Razak connected hom a cross from the right.

Awal Mohammed's equalizer

Leaks/ 2017 Script2ScreenAfrica reality TV show auditions in Ghana by Mariam92(f) : 6:30 am On May 05

The African Film industry is set for a revolution through filmmaking, as Footprints Film foundation and High Definition Film Academy (HDFA) launches the 6th edition of its Script2ScreenAfrica filmmaking and Acting Reality TV project, with the theme “Film as a catalyst for revolution!”

“In a time when our continent is overwhelmed with multiple social ills; corruption, injustice, inequality, lack of quality education, lack of power supply, poverty, and insecurity, we seek to train filmmakers with a vision to tell stories that will tackle some of the continent’s most pressing issues head-on, educate viewers while entertaining them, and hopefully pique effective action once the screen’s glow diminishes.

Filmmakers who understand that film is an ideal catalyst for change, and linking a powerful story with a highly developed activist campaign could move public opinion and start a revolution,” organisers said in a statement.

Script to Screen Africa will select 60 finalists from auditions across 3 continents and 7 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, US, UK, and Canada (for Africans in diaspora), into the Reality TV House.

The 60 finalist will be trained and mentored by veteran filmmakers and actors, and then engaged in the production of short films on varying social justice related topics.

Past guest facilitators to our Script to Screen training project includes filmmakers and Star Actors such as Teco Benson, Nse Ikpe Etim, Oc Ukeje, Kalu Ikeagwu, Blossom Chukwujekwu, and Bright Wonder Obasi. Expected Facilitators/Mentor for our 2017 edition, in addition to the above listed, includes: Stella Damasus, Tope Oshin, Richard Mofe Damijo, Joke Silva, Niyi Akimolayan, Majid Michel, C.J Obasi, Kate Henshaw, and a host of Others.

Script2Screen Africa is scheduled to hold from July 1st to August 26, 2017 and climax with a premiere of the short films at the 2017 Script2ScreenAfrica Awards.
Registration for the 2017 Script2ScreenAfrica Reality TV Project are done online at the project’s website: www.s2safrica.com

Auditions will begin April 15, 2017. Announcement of the 60 Finalists shall be on May 20, 2017, and the Reality TV project will commence from July 1 to August 26, 2017, which is also the date for the 2017 Script2ScreenAfrica Awards.

GHANA AUDITION holds at House Of Maasela Events & Advertizing, First Floor Wala Plaza, Akweteman, Next to GN Bank on the N1 Highway, Accra Ghana.

The post 2017 Script2ScreenAfrica reality TV show auditions in Ghana appeared first on Kasapa102.5FM.

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