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Leaks/ Re: Kan Dapaah’s Sidechick Exposes Some NPP ‘Big Men’ Who Paid Her by Mikelobi(m) : 7:19 am On Jan 21

This is absolutely nonsense if she was contracted to kill her parents will she have done that.

Romance/ Re: Nigerian lady reveals the number of people she has infected with HIV by Mikelobi(m) : 12:16 am On Mar 10

saintbillion: A Nigerian lady has revealed the number of people she has infected with HIV after being diagnosed with the disease in 2016.

The disclosure was made in a tweet where another Twitter user revealed how she turned out, 3 years after being infected with the virus.

@NellyNesh19 had disclosed that she was infected with HIV at the age of 21 and is doing fine now she's 24.

She wrote;

Got infected with HIV at the age of 21 am 24 years now and am doing fine

Reacting to the tweet, a Nigerian Twitter user @the_afropolite revealed that she was infected with the virus by her brother's best friend in 2016 when she was just 18. She added that since 2017 when she tested positive, she "has made it a mission to give to others what was given to her without a condom".

The Nigerian Twitter user further claimed that she has infected about 115 guys and 19 girls now, and is still counting.

She wrote;

I got infected by my brother’s best man in 2016 when I was just 18. He was the first & only guy I had s*x wit till I turned 20. Since Dec 2017 I tested positive, I made it my mission to give to others what was given to me, without condom. About 115 guys & 19 girls now & counting.

Till then. I don’t mind dying today today. What’s my life worth if, although a graduate, I cannot get a job bcos I’m HIV positive? What’s my life worth if I’ve to depend on men for every penny I make? What’s my life worth, if I have to take ARV drugs regularly for life?

You think you’ve the right to call me cruel? If you had known Ifeanyi, my brother’s wicked friend, you would have known what cruel looks like. Since no Nigerian bank wants to give me, a qualified banker, a job simply bcos I’m positive, then I must continue sharing it to others.

If a guy, girl or so-called lesbian cannot control her sexual urges, I don’t mind giving it to her hundred times over. Easy money for me, pleasure and then a sharing of my pains to others.

He left cut off the relationship after promising me heaven and earth. Depression got to me and I failed some courses in final year. I only managed to make 2.1 later, this was someone who was in very high first class after third year. Now I’ve graduated and can’t even get a job

Imagine this gal is your gf and you just opened your Twitter only for you to be seeing her revelation.....omo

Entertainment/ Re: Nigerian man shares the reason he stopped talking to his best friend after they graduated from the university by Mikelobi(m) : 12:20 am On Mar 10

saintbillion: A Nigerian man has shared the reason he stopped talking to his best friend after they graduated from the university.

@thepoetprenuer revealed that his best friend first stopped talking to him after getting a job after they graduated. He added that he felt like he was choking him and stopped trying.

The Twitter user further revealed that two years after, he got a house and a car and this same friend started texting him again and he has not replied. He also stated people will not move closer to you if they feel you will always be a parasite in their life.

After graduation, my best friend got a job and stopped talking to me. I felt I was choking him. So I stopped trying. 2 years later, God answered my prayers. I got a house & a car. He saw my house warming on my WhatsApp update & started texting me again. But I neva replied.

The truth is, people will not move closer to you if they feel you will always be a parasite in their life. Stop crying. Level up. God no dey forget anybody

This happens a lot. Some people allow their social status dictate their relationship with others

Food/ Re: This Ghanaian Jollof has been shortlisted for Contemporary Art Awards by Mikelobi(m) : 5:01 am On Mar 10

jwade: An artful presentation of a miserly portion of jollof has been named on the shortlist for this year’s Contemporary Art Awards, making it the first time any cuisine has earned a nomination for one of the most coveted prizes in modern art.

The elaborate jollof presentation comes with a 167 GHC ($42.50) price tag and the artist responsible for serving this pricey baby portion of jollof in a country so used to generous food portions described her elaborate presentation as “a portrait of fine dining.”

The work, which has now been christened “The Morsel” consists of a miserly portion of jollof rice wrapped in thin fried plantain slices with a hard boiled egg and a dash of shito.

The nomination has sparked excitement among art critics, with some describing it as avant-garde. “The Morsel is extraordinarily beguiling. Staring at the image makes you feel hungry and eating it will probably leave you even more hungry,” wrote one critic.

Another critic noted that the The Morsel captured the very essence of fine dining, “the smaller the food on your plate, the bigger your bill.”

My dream is to come to Ghana one day so I can enjoy Ghana girls and food...

Family/ Re: 12 Hardcore Truth About Marriage You Need To Know by Mikelobi(m) : 5:41 am On Mar 10

Daninya33: [color=#000099][/color]
Thank you.

why are you always pulling color at the beginning of your comments?

Business/ Re: Ghanaian Businessman Submits Official Bid To Buy Chelsea FC by Mikelobi(m) : 5:51 am On Mar 10


Ghanaian Businessman Submits Official Bid To Buy Chelsea FC

This business man sounds confident. I believe he can buy it

Politics/ Re: Executive rascality taken too far- NBA slams Gov Umahi over his response to court order sacking him from office by Mikelobi(m) : 7:37 am On Mar 10

Nigerian politics is a very dirty game. None of them is trustworthy. Both the judge and the governor have their hands soiled.

Crime/ Re: Man publicly denounces cult membership in Cross River, says he has given his life to Christ by Mikelobi(m) : 7:46 am On Mar 10

saintbillion: A young man, Reje Agbor Ojong from Cross River State has publicly denounced his membership of a cult group, Aro-Bagar confraternity.

In a letter dated March 8, 2022, the young man said that he joined the cult group ignorantly, adding that he has given his life to Christ.

"I state categorically that I will no longer have anything to do with the cult group. All members of the group should henceforth leave me alone as I have given my life to Christ. Law enforcement agencies have been accordingly notified, please." he said.

I hope he will be safe after this

Romance/ Re: The size of this lady's boobs will shock you (Photos) by Mikelobi(m) : 4:22 pm On Mar 10

saintbillion: A busty Nigerian woman has caught attention for living boldly and authentically despite being trolled for her large bosom.

The Instagram user named Chioma told LIB that people's first reaction is to stare when they see her
She added that she gets trolled and she's sometimes "hurt" by the hateful words about something she can't control. However, she said that she tries not to focus on people who have "lost their sense of reasoning, empathy and humanity".
She said she wasn't so confident about her body and used to hide behind loose clothes and tight bras while growing up but she has now accepted herself as she is, thanks to the love of family and friends
She explained that getting a bra that's her size is a "hassle" so she sometimes goes without wearing one.

On whether she would change anything about herself, she told LIB: "No, but if my large breasts ever pose a health problem for me in the future, I can always go for surgery to reduce them

I want to spend a night with her

news/ Re: Zimbabwe: Man Turns Into Cow After Sleeping With Married Woman (picture, video) by Mikelobi(m) : 2:05 am On May 18


In a dramatic turn of events, an unidentified man has reportedly turned into a cow after he allegedly had s*x with a married woman in Zimbabwe, IgbereTV reports.

In a viral video on social media, the man is seen sitting on the ground, sobbing. His legs had turned into cow trotters and he had grown a tail.

The man was crying like a human being, but in between the sobs, he makes mooing sounds like a cow. As he moos, residents in the area in utter shock and bemusement, take videos of the strange and dramatic incident.

This looks like the effects of some powerful video editing.

news/ Re: Zimbabwe: Man Turns Into Cow After Sleeping With Married Woman (picture, video) by Mikelobi(m) : 4:32 am On May 18

Let me ask you this common one we all see around. I'm sure you've seen men try cutting/piercing themselves with sharp objects or supposedly sharp objects that doesn't hurt them? Do you doubt that one too? Or people with "fire juju" who play with fire and it doesn't burn them. Do you doubt that one too?

Moderator Mark, while I respect African powers and the metaphysical stuffs, we must also realize that there many DEEPFAKE tech these days that people use to manipulate videos..so its very hard to believe anything you see in video cos of new sophisticated technologies

Entertainment/ Re: Happy new month to everyone in this forum, welcome to the month of June by Mikelobi(m) : 5:42 pm On Jun 01

saintbillion: May this new month be a new starting point of a life full of inner grace, bliss, and joy, a life full of good things to enjoy, and a life filled with success, love, and affection. Happy New Month, long live the mods, long live all the active members, long live all the visitors.

Happy new month to all !

Family/ Happy new month UpGhana member (July 2022) by Mikelobi(m) : 1:40 pm On Jul 01

Happy new month to all lovely members and guest of this great forum.

May we have plentiful blessings this month and beyond.

History/ UpGhana Top Member Archives (For History Purposes) by Mikelobi(m) : 1:45 pm On Jul 01

This is thread is meant to document and record top members for past month for the sake of history and generations to come.....If you have any screenshot of any month (provided the screenshot shows the month and year), please feel free to add it as comment.

I will start by adding June 2022, which was won by Markito

Romance/ Re: Juaben SHS Student $extape Leaked By Angry Boyfriend _ (PHOTOS & VIDEO) by Mikelobi(m) : 1:50 pm On Jul 01

[size=16px]Why is female left boob always bigger? Why?[/size]

Leaks/ Re: Houston Barber Poses As Police Officer To See Megan Thee Stallion At Final Four Fan Fest by Mikelobi(m) : 9:53 pm On Sep 08

Interesting times

Romance/ Re: Clear masturbating video of a nija tiktoker by Mikelobi(m) : 10:04 pm On Sep 09

bmdmix: That p*ssy seen better days


See how wide her p*ssy is...

Leaks/ Re: 7 Nigerians Share What They Did After Graduation� by Mikelobi(m) : 7:47 pm On Sep 30

These stories are so inspiring

Leaks/ Re: Trending photos of Thomas Partey locking lips with his new white girlfriend by Mikelobi(m) : 5:04 am On Oct 07

See what our Ghana brother is eating...

Leaks/ Re: 10 Unconventional Twin Names Davido Should Consider by Mikelobi(m) : 7:58 pm On Oct 17

So hilarious

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