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How To Use the Forum/ Re: Show your Interest If you want to be A Moderator on This Forum by saintbillion(m) : 8:43 am On Jan 09

I'm interested, I'll be glad if given the opportunity to moderate the Romance section. Thank

Sports/ AFCON: CAF Issues New Update On Players' Substitution Amid COVID Outbreak by saintbillion(m) : 8:49 am On Jan 09

The TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2021 will kick-off tomorrow. Please be advised of the following:

Number of substitute players per match:

CAF will apply the five substitutions per match rule during this competition, as follows:

Each team will be permitted to use a maximum of five substitutes.

To reduce disruption to the match, each team will have a maximum of three opportunities to make substitutions during the game; substitutions may also be made at half-time.

If both teams make a substitution at the same time, this will count as one of the three opportunities for each team.

Unused substitutions and opportunities are carried forward into extra time.

Where extra time is played, teams will each be allowed one additional substitution, and will have one additional substitution opportunity; substitutions may also be made before the start of extra time and at half-time in extra time.

Minimum number of players in case of a team affected by COVID-19

If the result of the Covid-19 PCR test of any player is positive, such player will not be authorized to go to the stadium or participate in the applicable match.

A team will be required to play a match if they have a minimum of eleven (11) players available who have tested negative. In the event of the absence of a goalkeeper, another player from the team must replace the goalkeeper, provided the total number of available players is at least eleven.

A team that does not have a minimum of eleven (11) players available will be considered to have lost the match 0-2.

In exceptional cases, the Organizing Committee of the Africa Cup of Nations will take the appropriate decision.

Romance/ Re: Am I Meant To Be Single And Alone Forever? by saintbillion(m) : 8:55 am On Jan 09

Go and make money

Sports/ AFCON: Burkina Faso Protests, Calls Players COVID-19 Antigen Tests "A Scandal" by saintbillion(m) : 8:59 am On Jan 09

Before the opening match against Cameroon on Sunday January 9, at least four positive Covid-19 tests were detected among Burkina Faso players. The Stallions, who are angry, demand a second opinion.

The 33rd African Cup of Nations does not start until Sunday, but the opening match has a first controversy on the eve of its kickoff. Firmin Sanou, Assistant Coach of Burkina Faso, who will face Cameroon, explained the object of the Stallions' wrath, this Saturday, January 8 at a press conference, at the Olembé stadium. “ Four to five players” of the National team have tested positive for Covid-19 under incredible conditions, he said.

At least five players and four members of the technical staff of the Stallions have tested positive for Covid-19. But the Burkinabè delegation has doubts about the reliability of these results. They accuse CAF of not having respected the protocol. "It is a scandal. We have to review the situation,” shouted Bertrand Traoré.

Hear Firmin Sanou:

"Yesterday morning (Friday, January 7), there was a medical team who showed up at our hotel to do the Covid-19 tests. We approached the CAF to find out who had sent this medical team. CAF clearly told us that it had not sent any team to our hotel.”

Consequently, we refused the tests to be taken. So we then had to wait. First until the afternoon. Then finally, until the evening, to see the medical team recruited by CAF, show up.

“CAF told us that they would send us a medical team in the afternoon, before we left for the training session; we haven't seen them. Afterwards, a team arrived around 10 pm-11pm. It was the one sent by CAF. We carried out the tests."

A few hours later, the verdict fell: “They informed us that we had four to five cases of COVID-19, including senior players. Firmin Sanou did not give any names, but according to our information, there are among them Edmond Tapsoba, Oula Abbas Traoré and Saïdou Simporé. And "in addition to the four players, there is a fifth of whom the doctors say he has not passed a test, while this is the case," said the assistant coach.

Captain, Bernard Traore:

Burkina Faso is incredulous in front of this incident. “According to the health protocol, the tests must be carried out 48 hours before the matches. (...) And we need PCR tests, while we have done antigenic tests "recalled a somewhat distraught Firmin Sanou:" It is disturbing for the organization. (...) Not even 24 hours before the match, you learn that you probably have five players that you won't be able to use. "

The captain of the Stallions, Bertrand Traoré , did not get rid of his calm tone to mention this situation. But the Aston Villa striker is also angry: “ It's a scandal, we can not deprive us 24 hours before the match. The authorities must review this, we cannot accept this decision . We can redo tests of our positive players, ”suggested Bertrand Traoré.

Burkina Faso in turmoil

Firmin Sanou does not hide his embarrassment. No name was released to the press. The Assistant Coach of Burkina Faso simply said that he will have to do without a few players against Cameroon. “It's a shame and disturbing, he regrets. We prepared the group and the team was already taking shape. But within 24 hours, we learn that several players of our first eleven will be unavailable."

For the tactician, several gray areas must be cleared up as quickly as possible by the CAF. He said: "The health protocol at the CAF level provides for the Covid-19 tests to be carried out 48 hours before the match. We took the test at 11 p.m., less than 48 hours before the match. We would like to know why. We would also like to know who appointed the first medical team. And finally, why did we do anti-gene tests rather than PCR? "

The Burkinabè team intends to request a second opinion.

Sports/ Re: AFCON: Burkina Faso Protests, Calls Players COVID-19 Antigen Tests "A Scandal" by saintbillion(m) : 9:02 am On Jan 09

Why can't I upload photos in my thread pls proudlyNigerian, Robert141, quacojr

Politics/ I Mistakenly Sold Firearm I Found At Mosque To A DJ – Police Sergeant by saintbillion(m) : 5:53 pm On Jan 09

A Police Sergeant, Haruna Yusuf, has disclosed how he stole a rifle from a mosque in the police station and sold it to a disc jockey.

Yusuf, who was paraded with six other persons, suspected to be cultists, said he sold the English Berretta pistol at the sum of N47,000 to the DJ, who was said to be an amourer for the cult group in Omu-Aran, Kwara state Nigeria.

He adds, “I am traffic warden serving in Kwara state. I was on a special duty when I was arrested on November 30, 2021 by a team from IRT. I was arrested with regards to a missing fire arm. I found the firearm behind a mosque in my division and “Instead of me to take the firearm to my colleagues at the station, I mistakenly sold it to a DJ for N47,000. I actually don’t know what came over me. After I disposed it, I learnt firearm was missing but I could not confess that I sold it so as not to get into trouble.

“I also sold a local revolver pistol. I got the pistol from an event organised by my kinsmen. I actually bought it N25,000 due to the incessant killings by herdsmen in my town. I was afraid with the security situation in the country that was why I bought it”.

Yusuf, according to the Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode, would first be tried administratively before he would be prosecuted.

He added that the owner of the weapon, late Inspector Ehigimetor Ileso was dismissed due to the case of the missing firearm before he later died due to the incident.


Religion/ Mercy Eke: I Dreamt I Was Winning Souls For God by saintbillion(m) : 5:58 pm On Jan 09

Popular Nigerian Reality TV star, Mercy Eke, has said that she dreamt that she was winning souls for God and healing people.

The winner of the Big Brother Naija season four edition said this on her Snapchat story on Saturday.

She noted that she neither lied nor drank alcohol on the eighth day of the year, as she prayed to God for more strength.

The 28-year-old further revealed that she dreamt that she was winning souls and preaching.

She wrote, “Day 8: No alcohol, no lies, no sin, no party. God, I need more strength to keep going but outside is already calling my name.

“I want to be different this year. I had a dream where I was winning souls for God(I was preaching and healing people)”

Romance/ Stupid Questions To Avoid As A Bachelor Or Spinster by saintbillion(m) : 6:51 pm On Jan 09

Questions that make people hate you (stupid questions to avoid as a bachelor)

1. When will you get a job: In a digital age where alot of businesses are online, people make 6-7 figures from there living room, this question would be appropriate if we were still living in an industrial age. Only unexposed people ask such kind of questions.

2. When will you get married: marriage is not meant for everyone and except you are ready to support financially, this topic should stay out of your lips. Getting married is one thing, staying married is another.

3. Why are you still awake by this time: while you are enthused about your 9-5, you won't expect someone else to be like you... most mental work is done in the midnight and the best decisions of ones life are made during times.

4. Why eat outside instead of cooking your food: we all know how expensive gas is in nigeria, how time consuming cooking can be, and the energy you put into it while still thinking of preserving the left overs except you have a fridge. Taking a stroll to your favourite canteen wont only save you time and energy but will get you a delicious meal.

5. Did you go to church or why didn't you go to church: Excuse me!!, serving God shouldn't be a routine but a willingness (from your heart). Times you feel energetic to go to church might be the time someone else needs to sort things out. Do not be self righteous/hypocritical.

Feel free to add yours

Entertainment/ Cubana Chief Priest Paid 7 Rainmakers For Heavy Downpour For His Club by saintbillion(m) : 7:02 pm On Jan 09

Nigerian Celebrity Bar Man and Club Owner, Cubana Chief Priest Shared A Video on his Instagram page of Heavy Downpour in his New Club in Delta State.
Chief Priest Claimed he paid 7 powerful rain makers for rains to wash down the dust in his new club.

Politics/ Goodluck Jonathan (formal Nigeria President) Coming Back’ 2023 Poster Surfaces Online by saintbillion(m) : 7:08 pm On Jan 09

Nigerians on social media have reacted to a poster with the inscription “GEJ Is Coming Back” which suggests the ambition of former President Goodluck Jonathan to contest for presidency in the 2023 elections.

The poster done by a faceless group known as the National Agenda for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. It claimed it aimed for a better Nigeria come 2023.

However, this has been greeted with mixed reactions from citizens with many condemning Jonathan’s ambition.

This was even after the Instagram blog, mufasatundeednut, queried if Nigeria was going backwards or forward.

In her reaction, popular actress, Nkechi Blessing said she would vote for Jonathan if he chooses to run. She wrote, “I will over vote for him sef.”

Another Instagram user, @popcorrnn._ wrote, “Yesss oh, he should please come back. He had a far better government than Buhari, & it took for him to go for us to realize it, he should please come back.”

For @_james_oluwa, it is better to vote for Jonathan than any other candidate. He wrote, “It’s better to vote for him than any other candidate!! The Angel you know before is better than the one u just meet.”

However, others have shown a contrary opinion saying the former President would simply dent his image if he ran for the presidency again.

One of such users is @icobenson who said, “He will fail woefully, he didn’t maximize the opportunity given to him initially, so what does he have to offer this time absolutely NOTHING we need a fresh start. Soro Soke.”

shoes_by_shem opined: “This would be the most foolish move for him.”

Another user el_patron_wanz stated, “Dem wan package backwardness make e be like forwardness give us.”

kunle_real stated: “We're perambulating.”

comedianslimm01 said: “Can we pls stop....must everyone go and come back again.”

koin_zino Omo.. this man should just remain where he is before them go spoil his name.

rasheedahhhh said: “I see someone write "best of all"...suffer no dey tire you? Do people just follow these politicians blindly? Arrgh!”

iron_syd noted: “We saw this coming with his romance with the North and APC...they've left Tinubu behind.”

Religion/ Oyedepo: Criticizing Men Of God Can Cause Leprosy by saintbillion(m) : 7:12 pm On Jan 09

Popular Nigerian Pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church has warned Christians to deviate from criticizing their prophets, saying such attitude attracts dangerous punishment from God.

The renowned clergy who gave the warning during the Leadership Empowerment Summit at the church’s headquarters, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State, said speaking against men of God can attract leprosy.

Oyedepo said many critics of his ministry must have been victims of the warning, stressing that the warnings are based on spiritual insights.

He said, “Beware of speaking hurt against the Ministry you claim to be part of advancing, it’s a risk.

“Beware of speaking hurt against a Prophet you claim to believe. It is dangerous. It can make a man leprous. It is dangerous. We don’t have the data of how many victims may have come from this warning, but I know quite some would have been victims.

“One of the Leaders in this Nation said, “what we are saying now, Bishop is in his room. he is hearing.” When we give warnings, we give it based on prophetic insights.”

The African richest pastor, however, admitted that criticism is part of what prophets of God must endure, saying it is not a problem.

“Every prophet is ordained to be spoken against. So it is not a problem. It is already written. It is not that it is something that is new,” he said.

Religion/ Why You Must Be Baptised In The Name Of Jesus by saintbillion(m) : 7:21 pm On Jan 09

Jesus sent His disciples into the world to do two things:

1. Preach the gospel
2. Baptise those that believe
Mark 16 vs 15-16

Every other thing is a bonus.
Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe in the resurrection? Do you believe in the rapture? Then you must be baptised.

It's written: He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved... Mark 16 vs 16
If you have the opportunity to be baptised and you refuse to do so, you are in disobedience of the divine mandate.

Baptism is like an announcement, like a heavenly paperwork for your salvation. Baptism shows that you have accepted that Jesus as your Lord and Personal saviour and you are switching from the old life to a Christ filled life. It's an announcement to heaven that you have buried the old you who was headed to h3ll and you have been ressurected as a new man.

2Chorinthians 5 vs 17: If any man be in Christ, he's a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things are become new

It's a switch from the old foundation to the foundation of Christ.
Baptism is a formality that breaks the legality devils especially foundational powers used to oppress you in the past, baptism breaks ancient inherited convenants. By the law of God, the person who came out of the water is a new man, the old man has been buried.

Have you been baptised?
If no, why? Why wasting time? Why permitting the devil to fight you? It doesn't cost money. The only qualification according to the Bible is: He that BELIEVETH.
Do you believe in Jesus? Are you up to the age of accountability (12yrs)? You can be baptised today or tomorrow even, it's really simple, reach out to your pastor or any Bible believing church and be baptized.

Have you been baptised?
If yes, were you baptised correctly?
Acts 4 vs 12: ... For there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. That is the name of Jesus.
Only baptism in the name of Jesus carries a convenant because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and NO MAN can come to the Father except by Jesus. John 14 vs 6
The key to salvation is the name of Jesus, so when you are immersed into the water, the pastor must decree that you are being baptised in the name of Jesus, that name must be mentioned, that's the key that will open the door to the new testament's convenant.
The name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost is Jesus. The apostles all baptised in the name of Jesus. If you were not baptised in the name of Jesus, I'm sorry but you need to do it again, you need to get it right.

You that has been baptised in the correct manner, do you know that you have been set free from foundational curses and yokes?
Do you know that the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death? Romans 8 vs 2, the devil will take advantage and still bind you because you don't even know that you have been set free.
Now that you know, take back your possession by force, make personal confessions with your mouth, decree that you are baptised and therefore you are free.
Tell the devil that you know that he's a thief and a liar and he has overstayed his welcome, command every existing convenant and enchantment standing against you to break and believe it when you pray.
You're like someone who has a million dollar inheritance and still doesnt know it. When you realise it, you go and throw out anyone illegally possessing your inheritance. The impostors will occupy and lord over your ingeritance because they know that you don't know you own that inheritance. When you finally know and come to tell them that you know, they'll deny it, call you names, but when the chips are down, you'll see they have no official document over that inheritance.
It's the same in the spirit, evil generational curses, sickness and diseases, yokes, demonic attacks have no place in your life when you believe and get baptised but until you realise it, they will keep staying there and keep oppressing you.
You have to be baptised correctly, realise the implication of your baptism and enforce your heavenly court order on the illegal occupants of your life.
Know your right in Christ and go tell those illegal impostors that you know your rights now and they have to leave. We overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony Revelations 12 vs 11. Your verbal confessions are highly important and neccessary
Colossians 2 vs 1 - 15

Religion/ Going To Church Or Online/Broadcast Service — Which Do You Prefer? by saintbillion(m) : 7:27 pm On Jan 09

Goodmorning Nairalanders.
I had this completely randomized argument with one of my couzins early hours of this morning on the topic above. It was Unusual but deliberate given the fact that I said I love following church service online via the Net or cable dish.

She immediately opposed me and we both started to clearly state our points in bid to render the other person defeated.

It was like a rap battle until she said going to church will enable you, amongst other things take lots of selfies and pictures with others people– Òmó, I became mute and yielded.
Which do you prefer and why?

Religion/ GOD Forgave The People Of Nineveh Without Waiting For Jesus' Crucifixion by saintbillion(m) : 7:29 pm On Jan 09

The people of Nineveh turned away from their sins and asked GOD for forgiveness and GOD forgave the people of Nineveh without any burnt offering or waiting for Jesus' Fake Ressurection and the Blood of Jesus.

So why do people say without the Blood and the Resurrection of Jesus, GOD cannot forgive people for their sins?

Jonah 3:6-6
6. When Jonah’s warning reached the king of Nineveh, he rose from his throne, took off his royal robes, covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust.
7. This is the proclamation he issued in Nineveh:
“By the decree of the king and his nobles:
Do not let people or animals, herds or flocks, taste anything; do not let them eat or drink.
8. But let people and animals be covered with sackcloth. Let everyone call urgently on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence.
9. Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish.”
10. When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened.

Religion/ Pope Francis Praises Nun Who Ran LGBT Ministry by saintbillion(m) : 7:33 pm On Jan 09

Pontiff’s own stance on homosexuality wavers between conservative and liberal

Decades after she was barred from pastoral work by the Vatican, Pope Francis has sent a letter of thanks to an American nun who held services for LGBT people, in which she questioned some teachings of the Church.

Since the late 1970s, Sister Jeannine Gramick ran workshops for LGBT Catholics, in which she taught both the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality and more liberal Christian doctrines. These workshops caught the attention of the Vatican, and in 1999 the Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith barred her from ministry, as she was promoting, in their words, “ambiguous positions on homosexuality and explicitly criticised documents of the Church’s Magisterium on this issue.”

The Congregation’s statement was written by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, and described homosexuality as an “intrinsic evil.”

Gramick ceased her LGBT ministry and joined another religious order. Ratzinger went on to become Pontiff – Pope Benedict XVI – and was regarded as a staunch conservative. His successor, Pope Francis, has a more liberal reputation.

In a letter to Gramick sent last month and published by the Jesuit magazine ‘America’ on Friday, Francis thanked the nun for her “closeness, compassion, and tenderness.” The pontiff acknowledged that Gramick had experienced “suffering” during her 50 years of ministry, but did not elaborate further on the topic.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Gramick said that she was “overjoyed” by the letter, and expressed hope that it would mark a “turning point” in the Church’s position on homosexuality, which at present considers it a sin. While the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith recently ruled that gay people may receive blessings, the Church will not bless same-sex unions, as it considers them too close to marriage, and defines marriage strictly a male-female partnership.

Francis has stood by this view, stating in 2020 that “homosexual people have a right to be in a family,” but should opt for civil partnerships instead of marriage. Two years earlier, he recommended that gay priests should stay out of the Church, saying “It’s better for them to leave the ministry or the consecrated life rather than to live a double life.”

However, the pontiff has made several notable statements in support of the LGBT community. Back in 2013 he declared that “if a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” Last summer he praised the work of Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and gay rights campaigner who once ministered alongside Gramick, saying it “reflects the closeness of God.” The previous year he sent a letter of support to an Argentinian nun running a home for transgender women, declaring that the transgender are the “lepers of today.”

Religion/ "Feminism Is Demonic, Don't Be Deceived" Prophetess Obi: by saintbillion(m) : 7:41 pm On Jan 09

news/ How 5 DSS Helped Me Kidnapped My Customer - Suspect(Foreign Affairs) by saintbillion(m) : 7:46 pm On Jan 09

Foreign Affairs. Nigeria. A suspect, Akeem Ogunnibi, 42, at the weekend confessed how he – with the help of Department of State Security operatives – kidnapped one businessman at Sabo identified as Bala.

The Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode had earlier disclosed while parading the suspect that the victim, a bureau de change operator in Osogbo reported that he was whisked away from his office by gun-wielding men on December 30, 2021, around 5:30 pm.

The victim, according to the Olokode, added that he was driven to a bush path along Ilesa road and demanded ransom before he could free and upon searching him, he was dispossessed of the N204,000 on him and abandoned at the place.

However, Ogunnibi disclosed that he was assisted to whisk the businessman away by some operatives of the Department of State Security he was acquainted with.

His words, “Bala, (the victim) is a friend, he underpaid for a gold chain he bought from my brothers and when I confronted him, I was not satisfied with his explanation, hence, I decided to call people I know in the DSS to deal with him.

“He paid N680,000 for a chain that is worth N972,000, so, I went to 5 DSS officers and we went to his place picked him and took him to their command in Osogbo.

“He was not taken into the command, they collected the money from him, I was in the car when they negotiated, I am not aware of what was demanded, but he paid N210,000 and I was given N15,000.

“The DSS operatives were also arrested but I don’t know why they were not paraded but I am sure they were arrested as well”.

The Commissioner of Police added that efforts are ongoing to bring the suspect’s cohort to book.

Religion/ What Do You Think About Born Again Brothers Chasing Worldly Sisters? by saintbillion(m) : 7:50 pm On Jan 09

A guy that forms born-again, yet still fighting with us for our worldly chicks cheesy

Why are they so insatiable?

My dear ladies, beware of such guys!

Religion/ Stop These Sexual Acts In 2022 by saintbillion(m) : 8:01 pm On Jan 09

We can't ignore how sexual immorality caused a lot of damages in the lives of so many people (particularly young people) this past year. It is really heartbreaking watching young folks suffering and living a wrecked and wretched lifestyle and giving room to the devil to get them ruined.

See how sexual immorality (particularly premarital sex, p0** and masturbation) has turned many young and brilliant people into a nuisance without purpose and focus in life again. Many are now public dogs, STDs carriers, drugs and alcohol addicts, single and premature parents, and the evil devil has brought all form of ugliness into their lives.

The truth is, our society will continue to be an unpleasant one if we keep going contrary to the will of God and embracing immorality. Immorality (like other types of sin) empowers the kingdom of darkness to wreck havoc in our society. So, if people failed to go back to God in repentance, then you can expect more headaches in the society

The Will of God for s*x is that all forms of sexual pleasures should be shared only between a married husband and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved.

Anyone that will obey God's instructions can be sure of living a lifestyle that is devoid of the fatal pangs and pains associated with sexual immorality.

If you will obey God's loving commandments as regards the enjoyment of sexual pleasures (which is actually for your own safety and good), then you must stop these sexual acts and not carry them with you to this new year:

1. Premarital Sex: Fornication is having s*x when you are not married. s*x is actually meant for married couples (a male and a female) alone. Even if fornication is the norms out there, don't follow the crowd. Be unique and pure. Yes, it is possible to tame your sexual urges. Don't indulge in premarital sex, and you won't have to experience the negativities attached to it (unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and so on). You can also see more tips on sundayakanni.com

2. Extramarital Sex: Adultery is simply about having s*x with someone other than your own spouse. As a married person, ensure you are contented with your husband or wife, and don't have an extramarital affair. The repercussions of adultery are usually deadly. Believe me, the few-minute pleasure derived from illicit s*x is not worth the coming pain.

3. Homosexuality: This is sexual relations between members of same gender, like lesbianism (which is between females) and gayism (which is between males). Such things are dirty and an abomination that should be hated. If you are doing this, call upon the Name of the LORD Jesus for deliverance, and He will surely save you.

4. Pornography: God made s*x to be an honorable act. It should be a private thing between a husband and his female wife. It is sinful to derive sexual pleasure from seeing the unclothedness of others. It is also sinful to video your sexual encounters and share them with others. Repent this year hence you will regret it!

5. Masturbation: You must not play with your sexual organs for sexual pleasures. You are going against God; and masturbation will only damage your body, soul and spirit.

6. Other Immoral Sexual Acts like smooching someone not your married spouse, sextings and the rest of them

Repent from immoral sexual activities and don't go with them into 2022. Live your life honouring God in holiness and purity. You are meant to have an eternal communion with God your Creator through Jesus Christ, as this is what will empower you to have dominion over creation. This is your destiny. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and walk with Him in spirit and in truth.

Receive the strength to live your life for God, in JESUS NAME.

Religion/ Is It A Sin For Married People To Watch Porn? Some Pastors Said No by saintbillion(m) : 8:04 pm On Jan 09

I remember a pastor back then saying married people should try and watch p0** once a while so that their marriage would be interesting. He claims s*x is one of the issues in marriage and you need to work on it to make the relationship work.

So it is ok for married people to watch p0** in order to improve their sexual relationship?

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